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“They are so knowledgeable and delightful to be there when we need them.  They are both so conscientious about their service.  Anything you need concerning your computers, you can call them.  They are great.”

  1. -Kent & Barbara Houck
    Stillwater, OK

“"If your business is stuck in old-school ways of thinking, The Computer iGeeks will easily and joyfully bring you fresh, new perspectives and insights on how to bring creativity, desire, passion, energy, and smarts to your website.  This team of iGeeks will 'freak you out'  with their talents and ease of working with you.  I credit them with much of my own personal success!"

- Dr. Scout Lee, CEO Vision Us, Inc. and Finalist in CBS Survivor Vanuatu”

We can fix your computer at a very reasonable price.  We have a wide range of services we provide.

FaceBook, Twitter, MySpace, LinkedIn:

Social networking sites are the big thing now.  Don’t know how it works?  Need help learning how to use them?  We do it all the time - Just give us a call.

Web Design:

We design your site to fit your needs, get it up on the web, and make it work for you.  Whether it’s accepting payments, keeping track of your next big event and registration, or making videos on your site, we can do it.

Virus/Spyware/Malware Removal:

Today Malware and Spyware have become just as threatening as viruses.  They can render your computer unworkable.  We can remove these problems or, if need be, backup your entire hard drive, format your drive, reinstall Windows, and copy your data back over - minus any viruses/spyware/malware.

1 on 1 Training:

Do you like going somewhere , sitting in a classroom, and being there along with a lot of people?  We don’t either.  That’s why we teach you whatever you want, and in front of your own computer.

Data Recovery:

We hear time and time again people who “lost all their files on their computer”.  Most of the time, we can get it back - Plus you don’t have to pay the $1000-$2000 like other places on the internet you have to ship your hard drive to.

Mass Emails:

We can design your email that you want to send out to hundreds of people in your database of clients.  It looks like you sent it instead of us.

Computer Purchases:

Do you just need a new computer?  We can take the guesswork right out of it for you.  We can custom order name brand computers for you and then come by and install it at your home or business.

Network Administration:

Need help on your network.  We have years of experience.  Need something small like getting your wireless router to work?  We can do that too.

VHS Tape to DVD Transfer:

We all have those VHS tapes laying around and we know those wear out over time.  Some of those VHS tapes have precious memories on them.  Have them converted to DVD to keep the memories.

Did you not see what you were looking for?  Don’t worry.  Give us a call and we can talk about it.  Most likely, we can help.

Amber & David Ritter